I am Erik Sansburn, My wife (Katlyne) and I were married in 2010, We have two kids: Kellen and Elise. We own a home in Marysville and have all of our family close by as part of our community.

I love watching football, playing XBOX, working in my yard and garage and most of all being a dad. I work full time for a Bio-tech in Bothell and support Audio Video with executives and large events for the company. I originally went to college for Audio Engineering and general music. 

Since 2002 I have worked in customer service roles and since 2015 worked in corporate A/V roles including years at Microsoft. I love to be of service and produce high quality events and right now I have the perfect career for that.

In 2004 I was at a wedding and met a DJ that is a full time mobile DJ for weddings and special events. I had never seen that as a viable job, but I talked him into letting me work for him. In the following years I have worked upwards of 300 weddings and events; from daddy/daughter dances, to holiday parties to million dollar weddings. I learned so much about how weddings work and the role of a good DJ. I learned how to build music playlists and read the crowd. 

In 2012 I served my first wedding on my own and fell in love with it. I have carved my job into making your special day flow seamlessly and host your party for you and I love that. My motto is: “…To create a moment, Unique to your event.”



I offer full service DJ services with a full sound system including Mains, Sub woofer, wireless mic and moving lights for the dance floor. I can work with lots of vendors in Seattle to fill the needs you may have for your event; Up-lights, your name or initials or logo in lights, projectors or any other A/V need.

I use high end, name brand speakers and amplifiers, Mics and PC/Software. I own all rights to the music I play, I never stream or illegally download music that I play at your event. I don’t use spotify or pandora or any streaming service. I purchase special songs for your event and have 75,000 songs for dancing and background music from current top 40, new country, jazz and instrumental music 



 Over the last 16 years I have worked hard to learn and grow in my knowledge of event and wedding production. I have raised my prices each time I felt that it was right based on my offerings. I now have a great career that I love and have decided to offer affordable prices for a high quality product. My prices peaked at $2500 for the same end result as what I now charge $750 total for.
It is not that I want to do less, or bring less gear; It has nothing to do with my experience or background, I simply believe that all couples deserve a good DJ and I would be honored to serve you in that way. 

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